Samstag, 19. Mai 2012 | 21:00 bis 23:00 | Z.A.K.K

Since the release of their 2010 debut LP „That’s Who“, we’ve seen MOTHER’S CHILDREN go from stomping Glam Rock, to bubblegum smacking Pop, to pub-rocking proto-Punk and back again without skipping a beat. They achieve pure Pop perfection 1979-style, bringing up comparison…s to 20/20, The Plimsouls, Twilley/Seymour, The Shoes, Stiv Bators, and Gary Valentine. Mother’s Children are coming out with a caliber Power Pop, unlike any other band in Canada right now, and they have all the amazing hooks, the brilliant harmonies, and the necessary skills to be the best in the business. MOTHER’S CHILDREN have toured U.S.A. and Canada with Paul Collins’ Beat, The Biters, and The Barreracudas, and in May 2012, just in time for their new single, they embark on their first European Tour with Germany’s Mondo Ray. TermBo sez: „Absolutely bursting with exuberant hooks, liberal sprinklings of glitter and power-pop with some actual power.“

„We’re onto Munich-based trio Mondo Ray. Hypnotized is pop thrills and rock ‘n’ roll chills. Windian Records has been on a roll lately, releasing a steady stream of appealing punk records (White Faces and a reissued Penetrators 7’’), so how solid this little slab of wax is really comes as no surprise. “Hypnotized” comes complete with a frantic riff (dare I say it’s hypnotizing?) and a refrain containing nervy vocals, all wrapped up in a sound that’s well in line with the cover art. Its B-side (“Nothing”) is more mellow and poppy, but it still brings plenty of energy to the table and is perhaps even better than the A-side. Both songs are guitar-driven blasts of refreshingly simplistic rock ‘n’ roll straight from the heart. The single’s brief duration (approximately four minutes) makes you want to hit repeat, crank it up, and sing along. Do you need this 7”? Yes, yes you do.“ – GET BENT


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